TerraCycle is an awesome outfit that manages to upcycle packaging and products that used to be destined for the landfill. Now, when you get your crafty donations to us, you can also give us packaging items such as [click here to see or download the complete list in grid format]:

  • candy, granola, and energy bar wrappers
  • cheese packaging
  • any brand of drink pouch
  • any brand of lotion or body wash, packaged in tubes
  • any brand and any size lunch kit packaging; all parts excluding the cardboard
  • Solo cups
  • makeup packaging
  • office waste
  • e-waste -- digital cameras, MP3 players, plus keyboards & mice
  • and the list goes on!

We send it all on to TerraCycle, where they turn them into all sorts of cool, NEW products. As a bonus, ScrapDC earns MONEY -- the amount varies by item -- for everything we've sent.

We signed up for the brigades we definitely have stuff for and a couple that had very few slots remaining. Most of the others are either full or have lots of room; if you see any you'd like us to join -- and you can contribute to that collection -- let us know!

202.827.4547 • info@scrapdc.org