Our Story

What you need to know about us here in DC is that each of us had been "creative reusers" for a long, long time, and thought that having a community resource for interested artists and tinkerers was just about the greatest idea ever. SCRAP DC formally began in August 2010. In 3 years we have:

  • diverted over 5 tons of materials from local waste streams
  • opened a retail store at 52 O Street NW and expanded to our current location at 3101 12th St NE, which runs solely on volunteer power
  • attended events and provided materials to kids and adults at eco- and craft shows, community parks, and business-hosted collection drives
  • led creative reuse projects for elementary and middle school students
  • planned, juried and installed art shows at the Center for Green Urbanism
  • added the Re:Boutique, a little shop of finished work made by local artists

We can’t wait to see what happens next as we work toward the vision of a creative reuse center for all of DC!

See info about our sponsor, their store, and all WE hope to implement!

"My favorite childhood toy came from my uncle's job, where he 'did something with computers' long before everyone else did, too. He brought one stack after another of punched cards, and I thought they were the most 'high-tech' things I'd ever seen — the data was written in what wasn't there! In my hands, each colored card became a different type of document — maps, identification, and other important papers, to be put away in a matchbox file cabinet. A family of teddy bear-shaped erasers needed them while journeying from one adventure to the next in a shoebox spaceship. I don't know what universes might be revealed by the kids who visit SCRAP DC, but I so look forward to providing the materials and studio space that will spark their creations."

-- Karen, Co-Founder and Artistic Director

"As a DC-Area native I am thrilled to be working with SCRAP to bring a center for creative reuse to DC! I was officially introduced to creative reuse while I lived in New Orleans, although my parents did a pretty great job of introducing me to creative reuse since I was old enough to hold a crayon in my hand (one of those multi-colored ones that's made from melted down bits and pieces of crayon stubs. Awesome.). I love how salvage and re-purposing bring together artists, environmentalists, teachers, students, crafters, and people of all different walks of life. Needless, to say, I'm excited and hope you are too."

-- Heather, Co-Founder and DC Director

202.827.4547 • info@scrapdc.org